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About Alexa Rank Checker

Alexa Rank Checker is a new method of measuring website popularity on the web today. Alexa is a free global positioning system which rankings millions of sites in order of popularity among internet users. It s calculated by assessing the estimated daily unique traffic and number of page Views for a particular website within the last 3 months. Therefore, if your website falls under the rank of Alexa, it means that it receives a lot of traffic on a daily basis. Therefore if you want to gain a better search engine placement and organic traffic for your website, then you should definitely try to make your website and its URL rank as high as possible.


However, one thing that you should know about Alexa is that this tool cannot tell you directly how to achieve a higher SEO ranking for your domain. It is true that Alexa can tell you a bit of information about a particular domain, but it cannot provide you with direct and specific details on the topic. What it can do is provide you with a rough idea about the overall traffic rank and the page rank for the particular domain. However, if you want to obtain the exact data, then it is best that you use other tools that are based on more accurate Alexa data.


In addition to the Alexa Tool, there are also several SEO tools and SEO software programs that are offered on the market today. Most of these software programs and tools are created by experts and they can provide you with detailed information on your website's Alexa traffic rank and the other details that you need to know to improve your search engine positioning. The main goal of SEO software programs and tools is to analyze and measure your website's SEO status to help you optimize your websites to become more popular on major search engines like Alexa, Google, MSN and Yahoo. They can also give you information about your competitors website's rank and position.