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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

A code to text ratio checker is a software that helps you in the detection of the ratio of the text in the HTML codes. Usually, there are different text ratio values like : 0% for those which have very few lines or columns, and therefore it becomes difficult for the search engine crawlers to detect these codes. To solve this problem, an affordable tool called 'code to text ratio checker' is introduced to the world, which helps in the easy detection of those HTML code with poor line breaks or without a break line.


Code to Text Ratio Checker: It s a very simple and easy tool which is capable to easily detect your web pages and calculates an exact percentage of your code to text ratio. However, using this simple tool is easy as only working on few steps only. Just simply copy the HTML page link, and then click on the 'Check Ratio' button.


Using the above mentioned steps, you can easily determine the percentage of the complete code to text ratio for any website, which is required to achieve the desired success. For site proprietors, these tools can be useful in analyzing their sites and improving it. However, they should also be used along with other SEO tools like'site map' and 'anki search engine'.