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About Server Status Checker

What is Server Status Checker? Server Status is actually an important tool for your business that monitors your server and tell you about its health. Server Status is basically the status of your server since it is pretty obvious from the name itself. It is usually determined through Https or Http response from your web is not responding properly or down. If it s not, it just means that your server may down or just not responding properly at the time.


This tool is very much useful for monitoring all kinds of servers. For example, a business website that is offering some products and services to the customers and the clients will require the use of a server status checker. The tool will help you to know about the speed of your server, the uptime and the downtime. You can also determine the bandwidth that is being used by your particular website, the number of visitors that are landing on your particular website and so on. So with a single glance you can easily tell about your server status.


The need for a Server Status Checker is increasing these days because of the rapid increase in the number of websites on the web. As more websites are launched every day, there is also an increase in the number of webmasters that are opening new accounts for their services. The number of webmasters that are launching a server is increasing because the cost of running a website becomes very expensive and it is not affordable by all the webmasters.